Teen Drivers

Different packages for the new drivers Class 7 (N). Learn how to drive from zero driving experience

Adult Drivers

People, mainly new to the country,  who have driving experience but need refresh to go through the road test and convert their foreign drivers license into a BC one , or people who have class 7 (N) and want to upgrade to Class 5 (Full License)

Class 4 Restricted
  • Taxis and Limousines ( up to 10 persons including the driver)

  • Ambulances

  • Special vehicles with a seating capacity of not more than 10 persons (including the driver) used to transport people with disabilities.

  • Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in class 5.


Car Usage for the Road test

Cars are ready for you to do the road test!  We have different packages with warming up lessons.

Service Locations

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